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The Latest On Title Vi


Yesterday, in “Learning the Language,” Kenneth Whitehead, who headed the Title VI program in the Department of Education for much of the eighties, strongly endorsed HR 3077. As only someone who knew Title VI from the inside could, Whitehead showed just why reform is needed. Obviously, getting a former head of Title VI to endorse HR 3077 is a major step in the effort to pass this bill. Now Peter Schramm, who headed the Title VI program after Whitehead was promoted (to deputy assistant secretary for higher education, and later, assistant secretary for post-secondary education) has also endorsed the bill. Schramm put his endorsement on “No Left Turns,” the blog of the Ashcroft Center, a think tank in Ohio well worth checking out. This is obviously Schramm’s quick response to the Whitehead piece. I hope Schramm will write at greater length on his experiences running the Title VI program in one of his regular columns. In any case, I am delighted to say that we now have two past heads of the Title VI program offering strong public endorsements of HR 3077.