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An Interesting Observation Re Edwards


A reader writes:

Mr. Graham,

I do agree with your views on Edwards. Wouldn’t another compelling reason for Edward’s continued surge be his actual position on Iraq? He’s been consistent, stated we need a long term post-Saddam commitment, voted for the resolution, believes there were WMD’s, hasn’t engaged in the now tiresome “Bush lied” argument which simply cannot hold water if you are interested in reviewing the facts, etc.

In short, Edwards is a democrat who has been consistent on National Security, is supportive of our continued presence in Iraq, and won’t sell out for a quick political point by engaging in “me too” politics. I think that he is truly a centrist democrat that could be a real contender. I suspect he’ll give GWB a run for his money on issues, not accusations….




So, Dave, you’re saying that having a reasonable, rational position on Iraq is supposed to ATTRACT Democratic votes? I’m not sure I buy that premise at this point.


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