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Responses to my criticisms of Kerry’s view of his
fellow veterans have the makings of a Vietnam Veterans Against Kerry,
without the excesses of the current website bearing that name. (The
Kerry chronicle is helpful, the conclusions about Kerry aren’t). To
some of my other correspondents: It’s absurd to see a parallel between
President Bush being misled by US intelligence on Iraq’s WMD and Kerry
being duped by phony veterans’ phony firsthand accounts. For starters,
I see a major difference between believing the worst about a murderous
tyrant’s intentions and believing the worst about the typical American
G.I. For those whose distaste for President Bush has them stubbornly
ignoring my point: Kerry deserves credit for serving in Vietnam, and he
had every right to later oppose US policy, which he could have done
without slandering thousands of other veterans who honorably served.


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