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C&E Christians


Wesley Clark joined Howard Dean in the ranks of “Campaign & Elections Christians” last night when he told the debate audience: “I went to church every Sunday and I did all that, and I can quote Scriptures and so forth.”

“…and so forth?” Yeah, that Jesus fella is really neat!

You know, if white candidates went to a hip-hop forum on BET and said “Yo, doggies, I’m jiggy with my housebuddies, let’s hang in my cribbage!”, they would get pounded, and rightfully so. It’s not just pandering, it’s insulting, insincere and (most annoying) incompetent pandering.

Why do the media give these knuckleheads a pass? Is it because the elite media types think this hokum works on dull-witted Christians? Or do they assume that everyone who claims to be a believer is insincere anyway?


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