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Why Republicans Should Never Support Tax Increases


“[Democrat VA Governor Mark]Warner has successfully lobbied state GOP standard-bearers to endorse his goals, giving political cover to Republicans who might want to vote for tax increases. And on the stump, he frequently calls his proposals “moderate” in comparison to the Senate plan authored by Republican Sen. John H. Chichester.

’Heck,’ Warner told an audience of about 100 at the Pittsylvania County Courthouse last week, ‘we’ve got the Republican Senate now. I’m the conservative alternative!’”

Thanks, Virginia Republicans. By pushing a $3.7 billion tax increase–higher than the $2 billion proposed by Mark Warner–you’ve made yourself the poster child for Democrats who are trying to paint the GOP as the party you can’t trust on fiscal issues. US Senate Democrats are pointing to Virginia and saying “See, they don’t believe in the Bush tax cuts, either!”

Robert Novak is absolutely right: The only reason to have a Republican Party is to cut taxes.


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