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Read Our Lips: No New Amnesties


The New York Times had a story yesterday on conservative discontent over the president’s amnesty proposal. The White House seems to think that the only election that matters is the presidential vote in November — conservatives sure aren’t going to vote for Kerry, so they have nowhere else to go. But even if conservatives in general decide that the war against militant Islam is too important to sit home in November, there are a lot of elections between now and then — namely primary contests for congressional seats. The result could be that president will end up facing a Republican Congress even more hostile to his amnesty plan than it is now.

The Times piece highlights a few of the primary candidates who are getting traction because of opposition to amnesty, but it’s even more extensive a phenomenon than the story suggests. Congressmen like Kolbe, Flake, and Cannon, for instance, are facing primary challenges that would not have existed but for their flamboyant suport for amnesty. The candidates at a recent Christian Coalition event in Georgia fell all over themselves to see who could oppose the president’s plan most stenuously. The Republican Party in Houston has voted to oppose “amnesty for illegal aliens in whatever form it may take,” while the party in Phoenix voted to oppose “any amnesty program or any guest worker program leading to amnesty.”


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