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The Senate immigration subcommittee had an important hearing Thursday on legislation to promote state and local law-enforcement cooperation with federal immigration authorities. The bill, co-sponsored by Jeff Sessions and Zell Miller, and a similar bill by Charlie Norwood in the House, are the only pro-immigration-control measures that have a chance of passing during this Congress. (Kennedy and Leahy, both on the subcommittee, are against the whole idea). The star of the hearing was the inimitable Michelle Malkin, who drew attention to the “other wall” — not Jamie Gorelick’s wall between the CIA and FBI, but the one that prevents state and local cops from making optimum use of federal immigration law to do their jobs more effectively. Also testifying was law professor Kris Kobach , a former top advisor to John Ashcroft who helped craft much of the immigration response in the immediate wake of 9/11. (He’s also running for Congress.)


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