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Rich, Tell Me It Ain’t So


I sure have my work cut out for me when
Rich approvingly cites that old canard about gender integration being a
non-problem if leadership lays down the rules. The Pentagon’s gender
sensitivity indoctrination courses take this line. I see it’s working
in the field despite what our common sense tells us about human nature.

The same rules were in effect during the Gulf War, after which a
Rand study documented widespread sexual activity among the bands of
brothers and sisters. Along with policing the sexual attractions,
jealousies, and fraternizations, that same leadership, of course, is
fighting a war. Plenty of studies on unit cohesion support the
proposition that sexual tensions and unequal treatment (arising from
favoritism or unequal standards owing to sex differences) is extremely
destructive. Tougher rules than those cited in Rich’s e-mail are
imposed on the extremely disciplined, ambitious officers in training at
our service academies – every one of which has had sex scandals. Is
there a single example of “leadership” meeting this challenge and
successfully preventing any of the prohibited behavior among a large
co-ed group for a significant period?. . . I didn’t think so.