“War On Terror” Follies

by Andrew C. McCarthy

There is as we speak an Islamic government-sponsored, genocidal terrorist atrocity ongoing in the Darfur region — even the UN High Commission on Human Rights was forced to acknowledge that at the end of last month. See New York Times report of 4/22/04. As late as yesterday, a high ranking State Department official acknowledged that Sudan (which was the home base of al Qaeda in the early to mid-1990’s) continues even today to harbor Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, both listed by the U.S. as designated terrorist organizations. The Bush Doctrine states that those who harbor terrorists are equally as guilty as terrorists. So, putting all these facts together, what did the State Department do yesterday? Secretary Powell removed Sudan from the list of countries considered uncooperative in the war on terrorism. Is it any wonder that we have the problems we have? Story from The Guardian is here.

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