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“The Crisis”


Rob S. Rice is a classicist and poet whose poems on the current war have earned the
favor of OpinionJournal, among others. Dr. Rice also helps me produce my monthly
free e-mail newsletter
on Second Amendment issues. Here’s Dr. Rice’s newest verse.

The Crisis

By Rob S. Rice

In these dull dreary days the truly brave man knows

That steel, true steel, is tempered by blows.

Fools sneer and deride, let them cheer for our foes

So much harder steel that they temper with blows.

Honor is eternal, though fools disregard

The tests they despise, or consider ‘too hard.’

Or in scheming for power they chatter, like crows,

But steel, true steel, is still tempered by blows.

We face scheming murderers with calm defiance.

They have soulless evil, we have self-reliance.

They butcher civilians, their cruelty shows.

Our steel, true steel, is tempered by blows.

Let them come and dare face us, or run, if they choose.

In battle or treachery, the wicked shall lose.

For the acts of their madness are in truth their death throes.

They’ll die on our steel that they’ve tempered, with blows.


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