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Today everyone must read wretchard at He reminds us of the unique nature of American power and the effect of the American revolution. Here’s the best part:

(The liberal) project and the dream of radical Islam are alike pursuits after lost glories. In its eighth century heyday, Islam wielded a two-edged sword. Not only were their mobile tactics superior to those of the petty kingdoms around them, they brandished a creed and social structure which was in many ways superior to the barbarian modes which they encountered. Similarly, while Napoleon wielded the levees en masse; he rode on the greater wave of revolutionary France before whose ideas the dynastic houses of Europe trembled. But at the dawn of the 21st century, these two mighty blades had dwindled into single-edged fillets of rusted iron. Islam no longer the representative of a prosperous and tolerant society and the idea of France shrunken to a kind of petty socialism peopled with legions of pensioners.

The truly terrifying thing about the American sword is that it is genuinely two-edged. The front edge consists of military power unparalleled in human history. Yet it is the weaker side; the back edge consists of a system with an an uncanny ability to absorb almost any sort of human, scientific and engineering potential and convert it into unimaginable wealth. The front edge is used but to ward; but it is the back edge that truly destroys rival societies.

Today in Washington many of us will demonstrate on behalf of the Iranian people and against their tyrannical regime. We yearn for the day when Iranians themselves will celebrate their freedom, but we know it is not far off, because of the razor sharp back edge of our terrible swift sword.


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