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More Radio City Fallout


On Monday, Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman sent the following
letter to his counterpart in the Kerry campaign, Mary Beth Cahill:

July 12, 2004

Mary Beth Cahill

Campaign Manager

John Kerry for President

P.O. Box 34640

Washington, DC 20043

Dear Ms. Cahill:

On Thursday your campaign hosted a fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall at
which Sen. Kerry said, “Every performer tonight in their own way either
verbally through their music through their lyrics have conveyed to you the
heart and soul of our country.”

I called on your campaign to release the performance that Sen. Kerry said
represented the “heart and soul” of America so that all Americans could see
for themselves what John Kerry thinks represents the “heart and soul” of our

Do most Americans in their hearts, think that calling the President a “thug”
and a “killer” represents the “heart and soul” of our nation? We don’t
think so, but we think voters should decide for themselves by watching the
celebrities John Kerry said captured the “heart and soul” of America.

Your Senior Advisor Tad Devine said that you believed that releasing musical
performances “might violate copyrights and licensing agreements for the
entertainers who performed and allow the Bush campaign to use the tape in
commercials against Kerry and Edwards”

I have been assured that “fair use” rules of copyright would allow you to
release the tapes of these musical performances to the news media under 2
U.S.C. § 107. To allay the other concern you relayed to the news media,
Bush-Cheney ‘04 pledges to refrain from using audio, video or transcripts of
the event for any television, cable, satellite or radio advertising. We
look forward to seeing this spirited display.


Ken Mehlman

Campaign Manager


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