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Here are my final thoughts for now: 1. I certainly would support either of the same-sex constitutional amendments over none, or either of the abortion amendments over none. My focus was exclusively about the prioritizing of principles and the consequences of the alternatives. As I said yesterday, I remain skeptical that the Hatch amendment would succeed in its stated purpose. It also seems to me that the amendment process itself, as has been alluded to, is the manifestation of popular will. It requires super-majorities of Congress and state legislators. It is more democratic than any other legislative process at the federal or state level, short of ballot initiatives. The Hatch Amendment is not more or less federalist in nature. It’s not federalist at all. It overrides the governmental structure set-up in state constitutions. Finally, I see no reason to make procedural distinctions in addressing abortion and same-sex marriage respecting how we would amend the Constitution. … Been fun. Time to move along …


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