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John Kerry’s Trusty Shotgun


I gave JFK a pass on the shotgun thing because, while I wouldn’t use one
myself , they are legal for deer hunting here in New Hampshire and I
believe (though I’ve never hunted down there) that Massachusetts
actually has a “shotgun season” for deer. I wouldn’t use a 12-gauge
because, in most scenarios, you’d likely only wound the beast and he’d
have scampered off so fast that, even if you weren’t crawling around on
your stomach, you’d never catch up with him. Maybe it’s different for
Kerry. Maybe he has beaters drive the bucks directly into his line of
fire on the beach at Martha’s Vineyard.

At any rate, the shotgun thing is within the bounds of legal
possibility. As with his foreign policy, it reflects his preference for
inadequate means that won’t finish the job properly. However, the
crawling-around stuff is pure bunk.


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