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Re: An Israeli Mole At The Pentagon


This “story” seems to me to be of a piece with various earlier “stories” which accused people (usually called “neocons”) in the Policy section of the Pentagon of nefarious activities. Those earlier stories were all false: the “story” that Feith was under investigation; the “story” that aides to Feith were under investigation; the “story” that Chalabi had told the Iranians that the US had broken the Iranian code (and by the way, how come the Congressional committees “responsible” for intelligence “oversight” have still not accepted Chalabi’s offer to come and testify publicly in these cockamamie accusations?); the “story” that polygraphs were running overtime in the Pentagon (it turned out that no one in the Pentagon was polygraphed…this was in relation to the Chalabi “story”).

So now we hear–from the hapless Leslie Stahl–that somebody in the Pentagon was passing secret information to Israel about what? About the policy debate over Iran policy. But. but, but, THERE IS STILL NO IRAN POLICY. So is someone being accused of passing “information” about something that doesn’t exist in the first place?

Second, the positions of the various agencies on Iran are hardly classified. Everybody knows the disagreements. There was no need for secret information; it was all public. Very funny.

Third, why don’t the newsies ask their “sources” these questions? After all, this “story” is part of a well established pattern of lies. Why accept it? Why not challenge it?

I don’t believe it. Nobody should. If there are facts, let’s hear them. Otherwise, faggetit.

I’ll have a conversation with Angleton about it over the weekend and post it Monday morning.


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