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Kerry Interview in Asian Week


Fascinating exchange in Senator Kerry’s interview with Asian Week, proving the old adage about what happens when you ask a stupid question:

AW: Just weeks before the Democratic National Convention, a Vietnamese American was killed in Boston, presumably as a result of a hate crime. And then not too long ago, [in San Francisco], there were five [Asian American] teenagers who were assaulted by a gang of youths. What can you as president do to prevent these [hate crimes]?

JK: Pass hate-crimes legislation, number one. Number two, hire an attorney general who is viewed as nonpolitical and enforcing the law strictly according to the Constitution. Guarantee we have enough cops on the streets to help maintain order … and have a president who speaks to America’s best instincts — [who] doesn’t try to divide people on racial lines, doesn’t attack affirmative action, doesn’t try to rile up people’s emotions, but appeals to the diversity that makes America who we are. And I intend to do that.


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