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Protecting America Is “Not Realistic”?


Because I was out of town last week, watching illegals pick raisins in Fresno (about which more later), I missed the administration’s latest surrender announcement on immigration. Asa Hutchinson, in charge of enforcing the nation’s immigration laws, told the Washington Times in a story Friday that it is impossible even to reduce the number of illegal aliens in the country, let alone actually gain control of our borders. Hutchinson was far more honest than other administration officials in acknowledging that there is no interest whatsoever at the White House in enforcing the law, offering the excuse that Americans’ “compassion” means there is no political will to do so. He rejected the idea of an “an Israel-type of fence,” and said that the public expects the immigration law to be enforced “in a way consistent with our values.”

Since 9/11, the ambivalence and “compassion” the White House is so worried about are confined to CAIR and La Raza and the Chamber of Commerce, not the public. And it seems that even the elite media are beginning to side with the public on this. The cover story of the new issue of Time magazine explores the federal government’s unwillingness to control immigration (a teaser is here). This 9,500-word blockbuster story is another signal of an ongoing change in the conventional wisdom. Though nothing in the story would surprise readers of NR, the White House could use a few copies — it notes that lax borders are not only a security threat, but also harm America’s poor; that the president’s amnesty speech increased illegal immigration; and that, “Nonenforcement of employer sanctions [i.e., the ban on hiring illegals], which is in keeping with the Federal Government’s nonenforcement of immigration laws across the board, has been the equivalent of hanging out a HELP WANTED sign for illegals.”

Now, I really, really don’t want another terrorist attack here — apart from everyone else’s reasons, I work within the blast radius of anything big detonating near the White House. But if something major does happen, and the perpetrators are found (as they will be) to have taken advantage of our Swiss-cheese immigration system, the political fallout for the White House will be huge. And deserved.


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