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More On Amnesty’S Report On Racial Profiling


Worse than the diagnosis in Amnesty International’s report on racial profiling (see Derb’s postings yesterday) are the prescriptions: (1) require the police to count their stops by race (thus, inevitably, pushing them to get their numbers right by pointlessly stopping more of those with a color for whom they “don’t have enough” and letting through some of other colors for whom they “have too many”); (2) hiring by the numbers–”aim to reflect the diversity of their societies at all organizational levels”—which means, apparently, that profiling in hiring and promoting is okay, just not in stopping; (3) avoiding “discriminatory impact” (that is, avoiding perfectly valid policies if this has a disproportionate racial effect, like sending extra patrols to high-crime areas if those areas are disproportionately African American); (4) implementing more international treaties (of course!); and (5) making it harder for the police to stop and question ANYONE.