News of The Day

by Andrew C. McCarthy

WSJ editorial on Iraq today makes a critical point: based on all we
now know, the resistance by combined forces of Saddam loyalists and
jihadists is not an ad hoc arrangement caused by the U.S. invasion, the
version of history the MSM and the Democrats are trying to sculpt as the
conventional wisdom. It is, instead, a strategy that was adopted before
the invasion — and a very shrewd one at that. Knowing they were unable
to match our forward march, the enemy played to its strength. It
planned to go dark and wage a guerrilla campaign on its own turf during
the occupation. Obviously, this suggests we could have planned better,
could have reacted better, and made a real error in pulling the plug on
the Marines’ Falluja operation this past spring. Falluja and the rest
of the Sunni triangle are proving to be the heart of this resistance —
which can’t be coopted and thus has to be wiped out. But it also shows
that this is a thought-out plan, not a later development — a plan that
banked on Saddam’s ties to terrorism which, notwithstanding the
nay-sayers, he assiduously developed throughout the 1990’s.

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