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Kerry, War, Media...


I too, have emails from readers, many of whom keep asking that NRO keep chanting, “We want Kerry’s 180! We want Kerry’s medical records.”

And maybe, in the interests of understanding media bias, someone would like to go back and see how often the NYT and CBS and the rest of the dead wood crowd asked for the medical records of republican candidates, compared to the dems…

Finally, Andy McCarthy is right (as usual) to say that the coordinated strategy among the various terrorists in iraq shows that Saddam and the terrorists knew one another and planned their actions together. But it doesn’t go far enough, as the WSJ editorial is too limited as well. I constantly warned, in the months leading up to Operation IRaqi Freedom, that we were going to face a terror war in Iraq after the fall of Saddam, because it was quite obvious that Iran, IRaq, Syria and Saudi Arabia were planning it.

It is very discouraging to see Zarqawi’s picture in the WSJ, as in USA Today of late, without mentioning that his headquarters were and probably still are in Tehran. Proof of this is superabundant, starting with German and Italian court records, all public.


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