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The Governator Strikes


California Gov. Schwarzenegger followed through on his threat and has vetoed the bill that would have given drivers licenses to illegal aliens. A Democratic spokesman said the veto would harm the governor’s standing with minorities (he meant Hispanics and Asians; it might help him with Blacks and Indians), but I think Schwarzenegger realized that signing the bill could well send him the way of the unlamented Gray Davis. So he insisted on a provision that the other side could never accept (a special mark on licenses issued to illegals), allowing him to simultaneously say he was for the concept of giving licenses to illegals but also oppose any actual bill that would come before him. I have to give him credit — he’s a cunning politician. I can only hope that if he ever gets to the White House (Congressman Rohrabacher has just introduced a constitutional amendment to allow it), his current support for a guestworker/amnesty will be similar — support it in principle, but oppose the details of any actual measure that reaches his desk.


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