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Notes From Spin Alley


I wrote down a few notes last night in spin alley that I forgot to post. First, immediately after the debates, the Kerry surrogate signs seemed more prominent than the Bush surrogate signs. They were larger, and there seemed to be more of them. (For those that are unaware, in the media room outside the debate hall, where campaign surrogates conduct media interviews, each surrogate has a handler with a big sign — kind of like a delgation sign from a convention — so journalists know where to find various folks for interviews.) Second, from what I heard, the Bush folks seemed a bit more on message than the Kerry folks, reinforcing the general impression that the Bush campaign is a more tightly run operation. Third, seeing so many of my students in and around the debate hall, spin alley, etc. volunteering for the debate commission and the campaigns was quite cool. It’s an experience I doubt they’ll ever forget — and a better education in political campaigns than they could get in the classroom.


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