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For the latest is left-wing conspiracy theories, see today’s edition of Salon. A writer named Dave Lindorff speculates that President Bush wore a small radio receiver during the first debate with John Kerry. The receiver was attached to an invisible earpiece, through which Karl Rove was able to feed Bush answers to questions. (Now we know why the president seemed so perfectly prepared, with just the right word ready at just the right moment.) Lindorff was unable to confirm the story, and concludes that “God only knows” whether “we really do have a Milli Vanilli president.”

For a look at the journalism of Dave Lindorff, you can check out “Annals of Bush Hating” from NRO last year.
The relevant portion is: “There is a lot of writing, much of it quite serious, claiming similarities between Bush and Hitler. ‘It’s going a bit far to compare the Bush of 2003 to the Hitler of 1933,’ writes Dave Lindorff in ‘Bush and Hitler: The Strategy of Fear,’ which appeared in February on the far-left site ‘Bush simply is not the orator that Hitler was. But comparisons of the Bush administration’s fear-mongering tactics to those practiced so successfully and with such terrible results by Hitler and Goebbels . . . are not at all out of line.’”

“Lindorff is not an obscure, solitary blogger. The author of Killing Time: An Investigation into the Death Row Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, he has contributed to The Nation and Salon, and has appeared on National Public Radio.”


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