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Kerry Interview On Bet Last Night


Predictable performance by Kerry in his interview on Black Entertainment Television last night: Ugly. Wouldn’t say that Bush deliberately misled the American people regarding Iraq, but wouldn’t say that he didn’t either. Ditto whether Bush came into office with his mind already made up to invade Iraq. Good question (by Ed Gordon) on whether Kerry mightn’t decide that the U.S. should just pull out of Iraq, same way he decided we should just pull out of Vietnam; Kerry evaded the question. On whether black voters are having to choose between two rich white guys who don’t get it, Kerry says HE gets it. Yes, he and Bush are both rich and privileged, but Kerry sees his responsibilities to others, and Bush just wants to help other rich people. Bush may also try some funny stuff to keep blacks from voting—again—in “the most important race of our lifetime.” Kerry embraced affirmative action, promised an administration that looked even more like America than Clinton’s did, and even endorsed “set asides” (twice). This last is a little surprising, since it is like saying, yes, I favor “quotas,” which is a little too honest for most defenders of affirmative action.


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