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The new issue of Liberty magazine includes a detailed analysis
of Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Bandarik’s swing through Colorado, by Colorado writer Ari Armstrong. Armstrong discusses candidate Bandarik’s disturbing answers to some questions which I posed to Bandarik on a public television interview show–regarding Bandarik’s refusal to pay federal income taxes, and Bandarik’s support for a man who was convicted of threatening a judge.

Besides writing for Liberty, Armstrong publishes his own online magazine, Colorado Freedom Report.
It’s filled with interesting stories about federal interference with Colorado’s medical marijuana law, Amendment 36 (the initiative to split Colorado’s electoral votes), and of Al Franken’s recent visit to Colorado. My favorite new article, however, is a mostly favorable review
of the Colorado premiere of Farenhype 9/11,
a movie with debunks the lies in Fahrenheit 9/11, and which features Frank Gaffney, David Frum, David Hardy, Ed Koch, Zell Miller, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris, and yours truly.


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