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Interesting on the liberal media spin, John. FOX News called it heavily for the president. I think the idea that this was a decisive win for Kerry is just flat out crazy. It may be true that viewers increasingly discount for mainstream media bias. But the fact is, the mainstream media still matters–still controls too much. With the election this close, if the president loses, media bias will surely have been a key factor. The problem isn’t just bias on the election coverage, but on anything that can influence the election–downplaying Howard’s win in Australia, for example. I think whichever way this election goes, the media split will deepen. The ABC memo outrage got a bit lost amidst all the debate fuss, but we haven’t forgotten it. This was the year that the mainstream media finally and totally discredited itself. The alternative media are going to have to find new ways to grow and challenge it. The current situation is intolerable. Just saw Tim’s post on Carlos Watson. That tears it.


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