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Holbrooke On Fox


Ambassador Richard Holbrooke was quite testy on Fox after the President’s speech. He claimed to be upset by the President’s alleged misrepresentation’s of Senator Kerry’s record and by questions that accepted some of the President’s claims as premises. Senator Kerry’s record is much stronger on defense and security than President Bush allows, Holbrooke claimed, citing Kerry’s service in Vietnam as exhibit A. The howler in the interview was when Holbrooke said neither Kerry nor his surrogates have been similarly harsh in their attacks on the President. “We know he’s sincere in the war on terror,” Holbrooke said. Really? What about when Kerry and his surrogates have called the President a liar? Accused him of misleading the American people? Or challenged his patriotism? Or went after his National Guard record? Sorry Holbrooke, that argument’s just not credible.


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