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At Last


It’s not just that the Red Sox finally overcame the most storied franchise in baseball history. It’s not just that they stood down the team that humiliated them in Game 7 last year (with me and my brother Jamie in the upper deck at the Stadium ducking insults and a few batteries), that steamrollered them in the 1999 ALCS, that brings back memories of Bucky Dent every time this year. It’s not even that they may have the chance to put the Curse of the Bambino (which doesn’t exist) to rest forever. It’s that they subjected the Yankees to the most humiliating defeat in major league history. The Bronx Bombers collapsed like nothing ever seen in sport. It was baseball’s version of Kevin Costner in “Tin Cup.” As one reader appropriately observed, it was a “spectacular flameout of Howard Dean proportions.” You can imagine Steinbrenner making “the scream” look like child’s play, can’t you? Sorry, Rich and K-Lo, but once again, “all is right with my world.” Anyone want to help an NRO contributor out with World Series tickets?