by Shannen W. Coffin

OK, now that the storm of emails has temporarily subsided, a couple of points. First, Drudge is reporting a skewed sample in the early exit polls. Second, IT DOESN’T MATTER since they are exit polls. Remember that the polling service royally botched Florida in 2000 and was disbanded as a result (at least that’s my recollection)? There’s no reason to think this is any better. There is no cause for panic and no reason to stay home today. Go vote, and you can rest assured that you’ve done your duty. Call a friend who you think might be avoiding the lines and tell them to get off their duff! And I appreciate the sentiment that the Corner shouldn’t be posting exit poll information at all. But take it all with a grain of salt (not the kind that was thrown around the Mount Laurel voting places, however), and we’ll survive this day together.

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