For One Who Gave All

by James S. Robbins

MSNBC’s web site has a picture of a dead US soldier, gunned down entering a room during urban combat in Iraq. The soldier is lying in a large pool of his own blood. It is a very disturbing image. Army policy states that such pictures may not be used when the soldier is identifiable, out of respect for the family, as well as the soldier. One can’t make out the features very well, but it took me about a minute looking at casualty reports on DefenseLink to find out who had been killed in that circumstance on that day. I know the Army is receiving complaints about MSNBC’s actions but because the network is exploiting a loophole in the policy, the Army can’t do much about it. Sources at the Pentagon say it is up to market forces to make the network see reason and take down this offensive image. I already wrote my letter to MSNBC — let’s help them understand the error of their ways.

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