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Blame The Right-Wing Media


Virginia Democrat Jim Moran knows why his fellow liberals in Congress are struggling. It’s the right-wing control of the media, of course! He tells a lefty weekly in Northern Virginia: “Liberalism is the essence of human progress…We have to express our ideas better and deal with the conservative control of the media, especially of radio.”

I’ve always tried to discourage my fellow conservatives from whining about the media because it doesn’t do any good. CBS is what it is, the New York Times is what it is, and there’s nothing we can do about it. But at least conservatives complaining about liberal media bias have the virtue of accuracy on their side.

What to say when a sitting member of Congress looks out at the Dan Rather/Maureen Dowd/Howard Stern/All Things Considered media universe and decries the rampant conservatism he finds there?


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