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Chevelle Rocks Right


Chevelle bassist Joe Loeffler explains to Cleveland’s Free Times why he supported President Bush’s reelection:

I agree with everything he stands for. I voted for him four years ago. But this election was just plain obvious. The choice was to vote for a politician or vote in a President. Kerry had nothing. The polls of people who voted for Kerry found that they voted for him because he wasn’t Bush, which doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t see why people didn’t vote for Bush. I heard, “Well, he went to Iraq and we didn’t find weapons of mass destruction.” What? That’s why you don’t like him. That’s all you got. We’re saving lives here. We liberated 50 million people and we took Saddam out of power.
Loeffler also defends owning a Hummer H2. For those in the area, Chevelle performs in Cleveland tonight with Korn, Breaking Benjamin and a few other hard rock acts.