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Snap, Crackle, Pop


Running Kellogg’s for the last five years, Carlos Guttierez, the man the President nominated yesterday to become the next secretary of commerce, expanded the company’s sales by 43 percent. How?

There can’t be many big, established consumer goods companies that expanded their sales half as dramatically during the past five years. Did Guttierez somehow enable Kellogg’s to steal market share from Post and Quaker Oats? Diud he introduce an array of new products? Or did he increase sales overseas, persuading millions of Chinese and Indians to start their mornings with Frosted Flakes?

There must be dozens of twenty-two or –three year old analysts on the island of Manhattan at this very moment who have access to Kellogg’s last few annual reports. Would one or two of you kindly drop me a line? The Rice Krispies boys, Tony the Tiger, Sam the Toucan and I all want to know how Gutierrez turned in such remarkable performance.