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Would That Be Large, Kirby, or Extra Large?


My friend Kirby Wilbur, radio host extraordinaire at KVI Seattle, took umbrage at an item I posted yesterday and has now challenged me to a bet. The item: I said, because it is the simple truth, that in matters of college basketball Kirby suffers a delusion. This year, he honestly believes, the Washington Huskies will defeat Stanford.

The bet? When Stanford defeats the Huskies, Kirby will broadcast his show wearing a Stanford sweatshirt supplied by yours truly, at the same time posing for photos that yours truly will make sure get seen far and wide over the web. (And should the Huskies defeat Stanford, to name a purely hypothetical possibility that belongs, if anywhere, inside parentheses, yours truly will parade around the Stanford campus for a day in a Washington sweatshirt, posing for photos that Kirby will post on the web.)

So, Kirby, my man, how do you like your sweatshirts, baggy or snug?