Finis to God Day On The Corner

by Steven F. Hayward

Between Jonah’s theologically astute G-File and the Derb mentioning that he, as an Epsicopalian, is the next best thing to an atheist (by the way, Derb, did you ever see the episode of the BBC Series “Yes, Prime Minister” where PM Hacker had to appoint a CofE bishop, and had trouble finding a candidate who believed in God?), perhaps this is the moment to mention that 36 hours from now, I say goodbye to the Episcopal Church and will be received into the Antiochian Orthodox Church.

How’s that for a conversation-stopper? But I could no longer stand being a member of a church that can’t tell right from Spong.

(Please, no e-mails on how I could get to Rome on a non-stop flight, or Pythonesque jokes about where the Holy Hand Grenade is kept.)

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