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Re: Pontiff and War


Just posted on Sean Gleeson’s website:

“Pope condemns Bush,” wish Times, others>BR>
You know how Pope John Paul II condemned the U.S. invasion of Iraq, right? I mean, everyone knows that he pronounced it was not a “just war,” and has publicly chastised President Bush for his warmongering on many occasions. Right? I mean, that has to be true, or else the New York Times and the BBC couldn’t keep saying it. Right?

Well, Peter Robinson over at The Corner just refuses to reasonable about this. He actually wants to know when the pope literally, you know, said any of that stuff. Robinson wants someone — anyone — to e-mail him some actual quote from the actual pope that confirms his oft-adduced “outspoken opposition to the war in Iraq.”

Sounds like a challenge to me. If you find such a statement by Pope John Paul II, e-mail it to me as well as to Robinson. The first one to send me any qualifying quote will win the coveted Gleeson Researcher of the Century Award, an honor so exclusive no one’s ever earned it.

Lots of readers have sent me lots of emails. They fall into two categories. In the first, general denunciations by the Pontiff of war per se, and, in the second, specific denunciations of the war in Iraq, but only by members of the Vatican diplomatic corps, notably the secretary of state, Cardinal Soldano, and the former nuncio to the United States, Cardinal Laghi. What is missing, in other words, is a single quotation—just one—in which John Paul II himself denounces the war in Iraq.

I’ll blog about this at greater length over the weekend, but in the meantime Sean Gleeson and I are still waiting.