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Left Helpless


There was a murder last week in London of a prominent financier, stabbed to death in his home in a very Ritzy part of the city by burglars. His wife was badly injured by the same assailants and it was left to their nine-year-old daughter to find her parents and call for help.

A paricularly terrifying aspect of this crime is how helpless the victims were. A report in the London Times notes that “burglars who carry weapons are most likely to strike between the hours of 6pm and 11pm, knowing they are breaking into houses when the homeowners are there.”Of course they are. Under Britain’s lunatic firearms laws homeowners are left largely unable to defend themselves. In the wake of this crime, there have, at last, been proposals to increase the level of force with which householders can defend themselves. Allowing them guns, however, remains unacceptable.

It wouldn’t be civilized you see.


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