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With Apologies to Brooke Astor


From a reader:

Your statement about Vincent Astor being ‘in the womb’ on the TITANIC was waaaay wrong. Vincent was born in 1891, the son of John Jacob and Ava (Pilling, or Pulling). He never had children. There was a sister Alice, too, who married two or three times and had four children in total, I believe. Brooke had been married previously and had a son (at least one), John Marshall.

Vincent was in disbelief at the news of the TITANIC, went to meet the Carpathia etc.
Because the trip to Europe by his father was the latter’s wedding-trip, JJA had not revised his will so Vincent inherited most of the fortune.

The ‘babe in the womb’ became another John Jacob Astor, and was an international ‘playboy’ and in assorted scrapes and scandals, a media celebrity in the 40s and 50s. He was quite the reverse of Vincent!

Vincent’s mother, after divorcing the TITANIC’s John Jacob Astor, went to England and married Lord Ribblesdale. Alice died in ‘56 or ‘57 and Lady Ribblesdale in ‘58 (both in NY).


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