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Now They Tell Us


The media has been beating the drums for the intelligence bill, but now they tell us it may well do nothing to improve intelligence. From the Washington Post:

“But some experts say it is not at all evident how, or even if, the changes would help America’s spies obtain secrets and aid analysts in determining the intentions of terrorists bent on striking again or worrisome nations developing weapons of mass destruction.

The most significant changes target the top of the intelligence bureaucracy, rather than the field officers, agents and intercept operators who do the work of recruiting spies, penetrating organizations or finding and disrupting plots in motion.”

Wasn’t that always obvious? And from the New York Times: “The question is whether the changes will make much of a difference in combating terrorism and weapons proliferation, two of the major national security challenges facing the intelligence services. On that question, even some supporters of the legislation to overhaul intelligence acknowledge their own agnosticism.”

What a waste of time.


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