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Robert Kuttner...


…has an intriguing op-ed in the Boston Globe endorsing a national ID card, for liberal reasons. Here is his argument on immigration:

“The second big reason involves immigration and labor rights. We try to control our borders, but millions of foreigners overstay tourist or student visas or slip in illegally, in order to work. They are able to take jobs because business wants them here to work for low wages and be conveniently frightened of exercising their labor rights.

Our immigration laws require workers to have proof of lawful status, but employers are not punished if the papers turn out to be forgeries, which are easy to obtain. It’s much harder to forge a passport-quality national ID card.

So let’s decide just what level of immigration we want, make it possible for those immigrants currently working in the country to regularize their status, and then use a national ID card to make clear who is able to work — and to freely exercise rights as workers without fear of being deported.”


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