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Crusoe Avenged


Crusoe isn’t at all thin-skinned, Jonah, but he does have the dignity of his breed to uphold, and when you made that crack about poodles yesterday he instructed me to post this passage, from a guide to breeds by the renowned dog trainers, Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson. Discussing the standard poodle, Kilcommons and Wilson write:

“We both adore ["adore," do you hear?] this elegant, talented breed and implore you not to allow the haircuts inflicted on them by the fashion-crazed show world to affect your opinion of this fine, fine dog [not just "fine," Jonah, but "fine, fine"]. They are at the top of the smart scale, willing to please, athletic, and great watchdogs with an endless interest in everything.”

Crusoe informs me that since you’re on vacation, Jonah, you needn’t apologize.


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