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Makes You Thick?


Some weeks ago I linked to a picture of the Hardee’s Thickburger suggesting that it was ‘revolting’. Numerous angry readers wrote in to condemn this fall from grease on my part. There’s confirmation today that they were right and I was wrong – the always incorrect New York Times has now attacked the Thickburger (and similar treats) in very strong terms, concluding that:

“If restaurants want to serve food like this, they should print the calories and fat content on the overhead menus. “

That’s nanny state nonsense, but it’s made worse by the fact that the newspaper quotes comments from the Center for the Science in the Public Interest without mentioning that this grand-sounding ‘center’ is little more than a cabal of cranks, fanatics and purveyors of public panic. If the Times wishes to subject its readers to the center’s junk science, that’s its right, but perhaps they might have considered a bit more disclosure…

Meanwhile my own quest for a Thickburger is not going well. So far as I know, Manhattan does not boast a Hardee’s. The nearest is in Queens and that, of course, is too far to go.

Even for a Thickburger.