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Sheer Cruelty


Yet more proof that the war on drugs is a war on people:

In September, Jonathan Magbie was sent to jail. Here’s a description (by Colbert King of the Washington Post of Magbie’s physical condition:

“…high spinal cord disruption leading to no — or limited — use of his arms and no use of his legs. He had a permanent tracheotomy; was ventilator-dependent at least part of the time, especially when tired or sleeping; had partial diaphragm paralysis requiring the use of a diaphragm pacer; had a permanent indwelling stomach tube and a permanent indwelling urinary catheter, and contracture of the muscles and tendons.”

Magbie was a first-time offender found guilty of simple possession of marijuana. He died in prison.


One thing that is, I suspect, beyond too much controversy, is that this case demonstrates once again the inability of the prison system to look after those
confined to its care.