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The Thickburger Quest


I was wrong. As a number of disappointed readers have told me – there is no Hardee’s in Queens. It’s in Larchmont. Even further.

This account from a reader in Georgia does suggest that the trip to the, gasp, burbs might be worth it:

“Y’all poor damyankees — every county seat in the south boasts a Hardee’s. It is the most likely “downtown” fastfood joint, and for years has been mainly known for having the best fastfood biscuits for breakfast. They came out with a “Lo-Carb Breakfast bowl” in mid-summer — a heaping bowl of scrambled eggs, cheeses, bacon, ham, and sausage — “With only 6 carbs!” But we Southerners who love breakfast aren’t really into fad diets, so Hardees added a biscuit and drenched the whole thing with gravy, and now the revised “Deluxe Breakfast Bowl” is a big seller.”

And as for the New York Times’ editorial, here’s another reader’s perspective:

“Funny that I can’t find a single instance on the NY Times site that lists the calorie or fat count for any of their recipes or of any of the dishes they review from major restaurants.”


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