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While the Derb swoons over Zhang Ziyi, I’d like to thank the reader who sent in this encouraging information about Dagmara Dominiczyk, the ‘diamonds’ actress we were discussing here on the Corner not so long ago :

“The daughter of a Polish Solidarity movement leader who was jailed for over a year due to his promotion of social and political freedom, screen beauty Dagmara Dominczyk was primed early in life for the themes of film that would provide the stunning actress with her big-screen breakthrough… Devoting his life to the cause of freedom after his own father met an untimely demise at the hands of communists, Dagmara’s father and her family were exiled to New York following her father’s release, when the future actress was a mere seven years old…Opting to focus on more thought-provoking films rather than cotton-candy cut-and-paste comedies, Dominczyk hopes to one day utilize her fame to return to Poland and give back to the community and support system that helped her family to survive in their darkest years.”

The reader (who clearly loooves this woman) has this to say:

“Gorgeous and solid anti-communist credentials. No, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Who could possibly disagree?


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