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From today’s Washington Times:

Fat chance

The District-based WMAL radio is leading a fund-raising drive on behalf of Fisher House, which, explains talk-show host Michael Graham, assists “the wives, children and parents who have wounded loved ones receiving treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Bethesda Naval Hospital or Malcolm Grow Medical at Andrews Air Force base.”

Mr. Graham offered that explanation in a letter to a potential big donor — or, rather, a big potential donor: documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

“America’s soldiers have been very good to you,” Mr. Graham writes in an open letter to Mr. Moore. “Most of them don’t like you, but they’re prepared to die attempting to protect you from terrorism so that you can continue to crank out your profitable propaganda.

“They’ve done all this for you. I’m writing to give you the opportunity to do something for them. …

“The message of your books and films is that the American soldier is a victim. The soldiers I’ve spoken with at Fisher House vehemently disagree with you, as do the majority of my active-duty military listeners. However, we all agree that the soldiers who have been the victims of Iraqi terrorist violence … deserve our support.

“Therefore, I am writing to challenge you to give back just a small portion of the money you have earned as a critic of their mission. Your film ‘Fahrenheit 9/11′ has grossed around $150 million. Our entire goal for the Fisher House this holiday season is a tiny percentage of that amount. …

“If you feel, however, that the money can be better spent on yet another trip to France, nobody will be surprised.

“You can send your check made out to the Fisher House Foundation, care of 630 WMAL, 4400 Jenifer Street NW, Washington, DC 20015.”


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