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Listening in On The Left


Eavesdropping on the Democrats’ post-election conversation is fascinating stuff. Compare Michael Kinsley’s latest to this piece by American Prospect co-editor, Paul Starr. Starr’s got it all over Kinsley. Kinsley develops a tired liberal cliché–the ever-widening radicalization of the Sixties’ struggle for civil rights is an unstoppable revolution. Yet as Starr acknowledges, this “civil rights struggle” is solidifying our national polarization–and killing the Democratic party. Of course, the problem is the extension of the Sixties’ civil-rights struggle to illiberal policies like affirmative action, and the undemocratic application of a flawed civil-rights analogy to the gay-marriage issue. Starr himself calls the Massachusetts Goodridge decision “bad law.” Although he uses code, Starr seems to be angling for the end of Democratic opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment. The other American Prospect co-editor, Robert Kuttner answers Starr here. Kuttner is deluded–claiming that the real problem with the election is that the Republicans had the media on their side (!), and that mainstream voters would have broken for Kerry if only they’d been warned more clearly about our “theocratic president whose base rejects modernity.” George Will dismisses Kuttner’s rant. Kinsley is oblivious. Kuttner is in deep denial. Starr sees clearly.