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Dc’s “Third World Hell Hole?”


Jurkek Martin’s column in the Financial Times about Dulles Airport is pretty funny and parts of it certainly ring true. But I can’t agree with the fundamental premise that flying out of Dulles is a uniquely horrible experience. Dulles is my primary airport and I’ve never had a problem. My wife just flew down to SC to run a half marathon and we both agree that Dulles is a relatively easy travel experience. When I compare it with Denver or (horrors!) Atlanta, Dulles is downright relaxing.

I haven’t traveled abroad enough to judge Martin’s comparisons to Heathrow or de Gaulle. I flew to Israel a few months ago on El Al (Flight: excellent! Proctological exam: average) and Dulles compared favorably to Ben Gurion.

My co-workers here in DC tend to agree with Martin, however. Dulles is their last choice. Have I just been lucky?