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A Kerik Defense



“Ah, Rich, didn’t you write about the disgraceful conditions in U.S. prisons a while back? Well, in NYC we had a sewer called Riker’s Island, an embarrassment to civilization itself.

Bernie Kerik cleaned that mess up. In order to do something like that you have to be able to understand multiple layers of organization and have the will to create change throughout a system.

The NYPD improved under Kerik — despite Jonah’s protestations that Bratton was the real innovator. Kerik made the NYPD better. He created the Iraqi police out of dust.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘more obvious qualifications.’ A degree from an Ivy League school, perhaps?

Kerik is the real deal, not a pretender.

This was the guy to pull the Homeland Security Department together into a functional and coherent whole.

Losing Kerik here is a case of American
prissiness getting the better of American ingenuity. A sad day, not a day to blissfully bid `good riddance.’”