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Eric Pianin On Tom Daschle


Pianin, perhaps the Washington Post’s most biased reporter, had a Daschle-legacy article in yesterday’s paper. You will not be surprised to see the reference to “the Republicans’ three-year campaign to portray Daschle as unpatriotic.” Nor will you be surprised that the existence of this campaign is presented as objective truth rather than Democratic spin. Republicans are not given a chance to deny the charge. Daschle turns out to be a sweet, moderate, accomplished public servant.

What was surprising was this sentence: “Daschle and Lott believed that conservative House Republicans had gone too far by impeaching the president for essentially lying about his affair in a civil proceeding, and they worked successfully behind the scenes to avert a conviction.” Lott didn’t say that at the time; nor has he said it since. Pianin seems to have gotten actual news here without realizing it–he doesn’t play the comment up. But what’s all this about behind-the-scenes work to avert a conviction? Everyone knew that the votes weren’t there for conviction. How much work had to be done?


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